Jwapano Bamboo

Who We Are

Jwapano Bamboo as an idea come in 2013 and we started by buying land with natural bamboo plantations in various parts of the country,teaching people the importance of bamboo and conducting research on specific bamboo species found in Ruangwa Tanzania and we learnt to use bamboo cutting to plant more bamboo .

Jwapano bamboo is one of the leading bamboo product manufacture in Tanzania, through research conducted by experts from within and outside Tanzania we strive to make environmental Conservation our number one priority while focusing on communities, consumers health environment and empowering people with skills to make bamboo products and bamboo plantations.

At Jwapano Bamboo we harness science and technology to create products that support healthier living and enhance the overrall quality of life. Our Products will range from common bambo products in the market to an innovation centre that will intergrate people from the local communities to bamboo experts and research Institutions.

The Journey has not been easy but we are proud of the achievements as we have machines to make toothpicks,BBQ sticks,cotton buds, Bamboo Pellets, Bamboo soap and charcoal.

Short Introduction

The food and agricultural organization (FAO) conducted Research in 1982 on the Bamboo in Tanzania and result of the research came to a conclusion that bamboo helped to reduce poverty in Rural Areas by 25%. The Map above shows the area where our project is situated and the climatic conditions are favourable for bamboo growth especially the species shown the picture below. the main challenge affecting bamboo in Ruangwa is fire outbreaks to clear land for cultivation but we looking forward to work losely with communities and educate people about the importance of bamboo and setting up bamboo plantations.

Innovation Center

To train people from the local communities to make various bamboo products and bamboo farming so that they can be able to make products by themselves and empower them with materials and markets to sell their products. We have the best inventory to empower these communities, Jwapano bamboo Products will offer 50 to 60 people,jobs directly and our innovation centre will be able accomodate 80 people at time.

Our Team